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About Digital Art / Hobbyist Official Beta Tester FelixMale/United States Groups :iconsaliko-tribe: Saliko-Tribe
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➤ Felix
male : 19 : Taken : Straight : Digital-Hobbiest

'You're like the dorky-friend character in an anime that has either a strange hair style or it's a really bright and obnoxious colour. You do nothing but completely goof off the entire series and make people want to either scream or pull their heart out. But then you become serious and you freak everyone out because they didn't expect the literal-puppy one to be a personality swapper. Though when serious you have a bad fucking attitude and smirk a lot. This side of you is dangerous.'

'he just sleeps a lot... like a cat'
Virgo Stamp by mylastel Fire Bender Stamp by NeonRemix
Avatar Stamp by ravekitten Steven Universe Stamp by StampillaDiChocolat Shingeki no Kyojin Stamp by StampillaDiChocolat
death parade by oOAli-monOo Parasyte Stamp by StampillaDiChocolat Stamp Tokyo Ghoul by Iyokani
Stamp ~ Ao no Exorcist badass crew by Judiette Stamp - Durarara by Emiliers toboe run wolfs rain by Xiahism
:iconsaliko-tribe: :iconsheducats: :iconkujaros:


Please do not throw a hissy fit if I don't add you here
it makes you no less a friend if you're not added
usually who are placed here are people I talk to almost daily






You are not allowed to trace, copy, reupload or use any of my works without my written permission. Nor are you allowed to use my characters for roleplay in chats, forums or roleplay accounts on any type of social media. Sight of any of this is in no way seen as idolizing and will not be tolerated.

If you are given permission to reference, credit is not expected but appreciated. The only time reupload is allowed is if it is something I have drawn for you, credit is required.

Understand I take a rather long time in doing my part, especially art trades for some odd reason. Do not constantly message me if you are waiting, it makes me want to finish it less and less. Mainly during now it is a struggle due to slight style change but I promise the amount of quality and effort will be boosted if you do not remind me over and over again. If you're on my to-do list, I promise I haven't forgotten.


Paint Tool Sai, Photoshop CS2, Wacom Splash Tablet
Canvas's are usually 2000*2000 px, 72 resolution
and well I work on a 34 inch. flat screen TV

Most work can take as less as 40 minutes
to the most as 10 hours not including breaks
including breaks, up to 2 days


Art status
ArtTrades : CLOSED Commissions : CLOSED
Requests : NEVER Collabs : CLOSED

Progress Bars - Air colors %0 by Kazhmiran - nothin' ops
Progress Bars - Air colors %25 by Kazhmiran - sketched
Progress Bars - Air colors %50 by Kazhmiran - lined and/or coloured
Progress Bars - Air colors %75 by Kazhmiran - shaded
Progress Bars - Air colors %90 by Kazhmiran - working on background [if added]
Progress Bars - Air colors %100 by Kazhmiran - done [used if multiple works due]

+3 Arttrade with Chaluny
Progress Bars - Air colors %25 by Kazhmiran Progress Bars - Air colors %25 by Kazhmiran Progress Bars - Air colors %25 by Kazhmiran
chibi for Kanataru
Progress Bars - Air colors %0 by Kazhmiran
full body for Kanataru
Progress Bars - Air colors %0 by Kazhmiran
chibi for ShyKri
Progress Bars - Air colors %0 by Kazhmiran
pixel headshot for SmirkCat
Progress Bars - Air colors %0 by Kazhmiran
+2 Arttrade DeNovember
Progress Bars - Air colors %50 by KazhmiranProgress Bars - Air colors %0 by Kazhmiran
Arttrade ChaosDukemon
Progress Bars - Air colors %0 by Kazhmiran
Arttrade alarmed-dingoes
Progress Bars - Air colors %0 by Kazhmiran
Arttrade Paramanos ;…
Progress Bars - Air colors %0 by Kazhmiran
Double meme AuraGhost
Progress Bars - Air colors %50 by Kazhmiran
Arttrade Kastoway
Progress Bars - Air colors %0 by Kazhmiran……

Black list

these are people not allowed to commission me or send an arttrade request because they either:
have not paid over several months, caught violating copyright permissions, or have caused a personal issue that has removed them from the ability.

-this will be filled out once the to-do list is empty-





I love you.
You're dorky, you're beautiful, you're kind, you're creative, you're magnificent, you're breath taking, you're gorgeous, you're my life, you're my biggest motivation, you're my treasure.

I love you.
I love you for your beauty, I love you for your personality, I love you for your flaws and positives, I love the way you play with your hair, I love the way you get nervous and hide in blankets, I love the way you just mumble when you can't think of something to say and I love mumbling back as if I just know what you're saying.

I love you.
I love just watching you as you tell me of your day and how excited you get over the smallest things like baby squid. I love the fact my hairs green and eyes are brown, but your hair is brown and eyes are green. I love the way you deny it when I call you beautiful or cute yet your face goes completely red. I love when I do something interesting and your eyes completely light up, I'll be honest it makes my heart skip a beat.

I love you.
I love saying your name knowing it embarrasses you and I love the sound of your voice when you say mine. I love the way you worry, even over the smallest things. You make me feel worth something, as it's something I want you to feel as well. Just everything about you. I love you. I love us.

11 : 3 : 2014 / 9 amazing months



Hello I am Ludicrous, and I am an admin along with
Moigon, ValentiiinesWrath, SmirkCat and Ikalye
working for the group founders, Mikaley and Chaluny

Do you like wildlife ? Play games ? Like to roleplay ? Maybe like participating in events, trading artwork, meeting new people, reaching levels and going up in ranks, getting achievements, unlocking new opportunities, or just simply being part of a growing and new community ? Well pack your bags, you're heading to Ibea.


Saliko-Tribe is a group that holds some of the most unique and interesting wild creatures you're able to obtain to grow, learn and fight your way through what their island of Ibea has to offer. Once created, you can guide them through the ups and downs, ins and outs of every available achievement, gain experience points through artwork or literature and go up in ranks to unlock and achieve much more as your furry creature grows!

Yurlaen for Ludiiicrous by AkumaNoAka audeaj Saliko [com] by AkumaNoAka Denali for Ludiiicrous by AkumaNoAka
Oetiik for Ludiiicrous by AkumaNoAka Aufa for Ludiiicrous by AkumaNoAka Dejen for Ludiiicrous by AkumaNoAka
Mulorkes for Ludiiicrous by AkumaNoAka Kuopki for Ludiiicrous by AkumaNoAka Tyaelac saliko [com] by AkumaNoAka
Lud for Ludiiicrous by AkumaNoAka Raudin Saliko [com] by AkumaNoAka

ARPG characters


Lud Mayur 121 by Saliko-ArchiveRaudin Mayur 67 by Saliko-Archive
Oetiik Kumba 40 by Saliko-ArchiveMulorkes Kumba 153 by Saliko-Archive
Kuopki Kumba 152 by Saliko-ArchiveAufa Kumba 135 by Saliko-Archive
Dejen Kumba 65 by Saliko-Archive Tyaelac Tatra 50 by Saliko-Archive
Denali Tatra 100 by Saliko-Archive Yurlaen Tundra 63 by Saliko-Archive
Audeaj Tundra 48 by Saliko-Archive

Gecko 9455ST by SheduMasterVenom's Carolina Nighthawk 9636ST by SheduMaster
Venom's Birdcatcher 8047ST by SheduMaster Venom's Dawn Eclipse 8439ST by SheduMaster
Venom's Rusted Treasures 9219ST by SheduMaster Gloriarse De Luna 9181ST by SheduMaster
Summerset Isles 9459 by SheduMaster Venom's Inkpen 10215 by SheduMaster

Linniy 56 by KujaroAdmin1 by Ludiiicrous

4 waiting to be applied


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