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Felix Avery Frivaxuos
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do yourself a favour and listen to the song

Fahshun smoochessss

Faiiineant Imperiiious AniiimeAddict Yiiiffy ShyKri

INFJ - uninterested - asexual/*greyheteromantic - respectful atheist - virgo
*I'm attracted to women, though lack the ability to be openly affectionate.

I'm Felix Avery, but people enjoy calling me Fe or Ludi. I'm 19.

'yes, i know this is a bar but there was a really hot bartender and i panicked and said 'cHOCOLATE MILK' when they asked me what i wanted to drink, now i just want to crawl away and hide forever'

other places you can find me; furaffinity, tumblr, weasyl; .

Everything within my gallery is to not be traced, heavily referenced, copied, or reuploaded on or off of deviantart. Sight of such, in my opinion, is aggravating, and in no way seen as idolizing of any sort. And no, you may not use my characters for chat, rp forums or as characters of your own. Do not bother to ask me, I will say no.

if I draw something for you you may use and reupload as you like on or off dev as long as credit is given

from your dear brother

Casper and Avriel
AuraGhost and Z-BA

You two are my world honestly, I don't know what I'd be doing or where I'd be if not for you. You're the best brother and sister I could ever ask for. We may have our ups and downs: I know I'm not the easiest to get a long with and I'm not the best at cheering up either. But know I'd drop anything to be at your side and do my best to try and make you happy. I love you both dearly and wish nothing but the best for the two of you, and I'll do anything to achieve that. I'd dedicate my life to protecting you and keep the remainder of our lives worth while, together.


hey everyone, I'd like to sorta advertise this for a while, a friend of mine is having troubles at home that don't seem to be heading in the right direction. Due to a terrifying confront by her older brother, she's pushed toward the idea of leaving her home. Due to the fact she was never taught how to drive, this is of course a problem in getting away and nor does she have a job currently so her way of paying for herself is difficult. A friend of both of ours has offered her home but they live in Florida as she lives in Texas. This Go-Fund-Me is for to help my friend grab a plane ticket and a little extra that would be needed for food and other supplies that would help her out. If you could donate even just a dollar, it would help out a lot. On the other hand if you're unable, just sending the link around would be amazing !

1v1 me punk


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I gave the 1313th hug. //SWEATS
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flying bugs make me squeal and cry like a underaged anime school girl
but the ones that scare me most are moths, beetles and miquito hawks
I will be the biggest fucking baby I hate them with a passion
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