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May 23, 2013
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20 Years Fake Screenshot by Ludiiicrous 20 Years Fake Screenshot by Ludiiicrous


Ludiiicrous A young pup. Brown. Small. Weak. A runt to his litter that was genetically created by man. From two perfect parents, or so they thought. A defect in his genes had caused everything exspected to be perfect to be fatal to his survival. His golden eyes stared up at the body before him he couldn't see, noes twitched to the scent he couldn't smell, ears perked to the movements he couldn't hear. His body, numb, motionless. Even when his lungs and nostils began to burn and desolve from his being, his voice wasn't heard. His screams were no exsistant, mute. Silent. His once golden eyes turned to red, bleeding sockets of peeling flesh. Fur faded to a bright white as his skin turned pink, thin and sencitive. Nose to pink, ears almost see threw. Paws pink and just as sencitive as his skin that began to burn as he felt himself be lifed and his ability to breathe return. His lungs burned, throat, stomache, everything. Though hands pushed at his stomache heavily, causing him to regergated what he'd injested.

The night he had gone unconcious. What he didn't know was he was replaced with body parts. Fully repaired. New ears, new paws, new noes, new eyes. Though he couldn't see. All he could hear was muffled talking. Words that made no sense to him. No purpose.

For the longest time he had wanted to let go. To just die to stop the pain. The expirements on how much his new body could take. The pain, the suffering, the tests. The recoding of his dna, genes; how he wanted it all to end. But "He" wouldn't let him.. "He" would snap him to live at the times he wanted to give up. "He" was the only one that kept him fighting this nightmare that seemed to never end..

For so many nights he had waited for the suffering to begin. For many nights he though he was in heaven, dreaming. Dreaming that he lived in a small room, safe from "Him." Safe from anyone. The suffering had stopped. The pain, the torturing, the tests. He was at ease. Alone. Content. But he wondered. Wondered what life was like outside the cold ice he was surrounded by. Wondered.. why of course, did the suffering stop. How long he had suffered, how long he had been safe. How long... just how long was he there.

His arm twitched, causing the machine to the side of his soild ice tank to beep, red light flashing. The heart monitor slowly began to go again. He was ready to try. To try and find the answers. Answers as to why. How. When...

JacksonaitorR26, started his life out as a stray. He lived the lonely life as he wandered the empty streets at night. He preferred being nocturnal when it came to just the humans. The population of humans in their loud vehicles increased in the mornings and usually decreased as the night began. He kept himself hidden from any being of any kind, living in between two tall buildings as the pitch black shadows kept him unseen from humans.

When the sun set and the moon shone bright, he set off into the streets. He expected the streets to be clear from all humans at this time, but unfortunately he had thought wrong. A deafening roar of a large truck caught his attention as he crossed the streets. He was frozen stiff as he turned his head toward the vehicle, ears perked and eyes widened.

His heart pounding in his chest as he stood there. For a minute, he thought he had seen his entire existence flash before his eyes. All he could hear was his heart beating before he realized he had to move or he'd end up being roadkill. He bolted toward the sidewalk. When he thought he almost made it, he'd fail to rescue his hind leg from the disaster. His whole leg was crushed from under the two heavy wheels as the truck drove by. He let out a painfully loud yelp instantly.

When the car had officially passed by, he limped over to the other side of the street until he successfully set paw on the sidewalk. After he managed to drag his whole body onto the concrete, he seemed to have fainted. That's when he was finally captured by a human scientist for devious reasonings. The only bright side of being captured, was for the fact that his leg had finally recovered. Although, the human had turned the wounded creature into a new mechanical, killing machine. And just as he was built for, he had killed his creator for damaging his past looks and turning him into a monster. He first tackled his creator and aimed for his neck. And it was obvious how his death turned out after that.

When he finally escaped from the human corpse left behind, he heard a peculiar sound and set off to follow what he was hearing.

Ludiiicrous The beeping continued, louder as the tank began to heat itself to melt the ice to liquid that dripped down and created a puddle around him. He twitched and squirmed the slightest within the solid as he heard the ice break and crack in responce to his movements. Wasn't long till the warm air brushed over his ears that had slowly began to grow feeling.

The water continued, puddle growing as his forehead was now clear of the ice. The ice below him had melted as well, feet becoming warmer as it reached toward the heater. Though, he feared on the inside he would burn himself to the crisp... it was worth a try.

The heart monitors sound increased as he could feel his foot burn. His head was free but was too afriad to open his eyes. He couldn't talk, he couldn't breathe; though he was alive. He could hear and feel but movement was only slightly able.

Jacksonaitor R26 padded toward the sound as it grew louder, the closer he had gotten. When he had finally found the room where the strange repeating beeps were held, he avoided the water puddles that had surrounded the machine. He was afraid to go near the water, because of his new mechanical form.

He was rather confused as to why the machine was so loud and made different sounds he hasn't heard aside from a vehicle, so he snarled and barked at the machine he stood in front of. His barking was rather strange as of now. It was deep and robotic.

When he noticed a dog was held captive inside of the machine. He grew silent, wondering what he was suppose to do with the strange canine. He slowly stepped closer to the machine, eyeing the creature kept inside.
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